SR 6219 Section 020

Somerset County, PA

L.R. Kimball, now TranSystems, provided design and construction services for the SR 6219 Section 020 of approximately 11 miles of new, limited-access, four lane highway for US 219 in Somerset County from the northern terminus of the four-lane Meyersdale Bypass to the southern end of the existing US 219 four-lane in Somerset, PA. Included in this project were minor realignments of Garrett Shortcut Road (SR 2031), Althouse Road (T-550), Crossroad School Road (T-419), Fogletown Road (T-431), and Pony Farm Road (T-382), as well as, the addition of two new interchanges. The new southern interchange, located at the northern terminus of the Meyersdale Bypass, provides access to the town of Garrett. The second new interchange, located at Mud Pike Road (SR 3010), provides access to Berlin and Rockwood.

Structure design for six sets of dual mainline bridges (Pine Hill Road, Swamp Creek, Buffalo Creek, Garrett Shortcut Road, Mud Pike Road, and Walters Mill Road) and widening of existing bridges over CSX Railroad is included with the project.

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