Hartford, CT

As part of the I-84 Corridor Improvement Project, TranSystems provided planning and conceptual design for a new multimodal (rail and bus) station in Hartford. The new station is required due to the proposed redesign and reconstruction of I-84 as a lowered highway below street grade, requiring relocation of the existing Amtrak tracks. The new station will be served by Amtrak intercity service, regional rail, and high speed rail in the future. In order to have multimodal connectivity, the new station will have connections to both local bus, regional bus rapid transit (BRT) and intercity bus services, as well as to parking.

The project includes data collection, station site selection, programming, identification of modes to serve the station (bus, rail, bike, vehicles, and pedestrian), preparation of alternatives, selection of a preferred concept, a transit operations service plan, and 15% station design documents.

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