Carolina Bays Parkway

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
South Carolina DOT

The Carolina Bay Project is the four-mile extension of Highway 31 from its current termination point at Highway 544 to Highway 707. The Highway 31 extension will be a six-lane facility divided by a center grass median and, along with the roadway portion of the project, will consist of the construction of a 3,700 foot multi-span bridge over the intercostal waterway and a northbound and southbound bridge over Highway 707. The project also consists of the construction of a two-lane, 223-foot double-span bridge over Highway 31 at Enterprise Road. TranSystems provided full construction engineering and inspection services and was responsible for all phases of project in accordance to SCDOT testing procedures and includes earthwork, base, pavements, concrete, stormwater installation, lighting, and erosion control. In addition, TranSystems is performing construction oversight for permit compliance, inspection, and reporting for all regulated environmental components of the project.

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