Jane Byrne Interchange

Chicago, Illinois
Illinois DOT

The Jane Byrne (formerly Circle) Interchange functions as the hub of the Chicago Expressway system linking the Kennedy, Dan Ryan, and Eisenhower Expressways in downtown Chicago and accommodating over 400,000 vehicles per day. The original 1958 design did not anticipate this level of traffic and was rated one of the most congested highway freight bottlenecks in the nation based on a study completed by the American Transportation Research Institute and FHWA.

As part of a joint-venture team, TranSystems delivered the planning and design for the interchange, which impacted 22 existing bridges ranging from two spans to multi-span curved ramps, and provided construction engineering services for several construction contracts. The largest bridge is a new tri-level northbound to westbound flyover structure that is over 2,000 feet long, consisting of 13 spans of curved steel and flared girders. It spans major interstates, existing and future Chicago Transit Authority transit tunnels, abandoned and active water tunnels, and several major utilities. The Peoria Street bridge is also unique because it is the first precast deck bridge with Ultra-High Performance Concrete joints in Illinois. The project also includes over 50 retaining walls, ranging from conventional concrete walls to secant types.

By 2040, the project will result in a 50% reduction in delay for all vehicles, meaning: reduction of up to 5 million hours annually of drivers sitting in congested traffic; savings of $185M annually in lost production from delayed travelers; reduction in idle time resulting in saving nearly 1.6 million gallons of gasoline annually; and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by one-third.

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