Vitaliy K.

  • Title: Civil Engineer
  • Alma Mater: Oregon State University
  • Hobbies: Designing and 3D printing, building and flying drones, 3D modeling as a form of developing concepts to build in real life, camping, and dirt bike racing on my KTM 250 XC with my wife, relatives, and close friends

I chose to pursue a career in Civil Engineering because…

In College, I explored multiple engineering disciplines and excelled in Civil Engineer courses, which led me to pursue this field as my career.

The thing I love most about my job is…

Seeing projects develop from concept to preparing the plans, and then finally seeing the projects get built.

My favorite thing about TranSystems is…

The people that I work with! We all love to share stories about our work and our lives, as we grow, learn, and share achievements together.

Since joining TranSystems…

Over 4 years ago as an E1 with previous experience in construction management and shoring design, I have obtained my California PE license and advanced to E2, mentored new staff, and developed good relationships with my fellow coworkers, coworkers from other offices, and our clients. I even became a part time consultant for a major local light rail transit authority, Caltrain.

7:30 AM – Check emails and review to-do list

I set up Teams and Outlook to open up when my computer starts, so I can check emails and review my to-do list for critical tasks first thing in the morning.

8:30 AM – Project work: Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

I am currently working on several rail projects for Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), Amtrak, Caltrain Joint Powers Board, and San Joaquin Regional Rail Corridor. I attend meetings almost every day to go over critical path, coordination with various disciplines, delegation of tasks, scheduling, and to ensure progress towards submittal dates.

9:00 AM – Client call with CCJPA

I regularly meet with SJRRC, Caltrain and CCJPA clients with Marian Rule, Nate Blake, and Lynne Marie Whately.

10:00 AM – Task delegation

Every day I check my to-do list of critical tasks, and make sure the right tasks get done at the appropriate time. With constant emails and new tasks throughout the day, it’s important to determine which tasks are critical and which are urgent. There is a fine balance to get it just right.

11:00 AM – Mentoring

I regularly check in with Arturo Rosales and Sophia Burkhart to delegate tasks, mentor, and give advice to stay on schedule for our upcoming submittals and project deliverables.

12:00 PM – Lunch!

I generally stop for lunch at noon and adjust as needed if there are meetings that may run through my lunch hour. To me, it is important to take meaningful lunch breaks to refresh, reset, and logically sort through my day, especially helpful during days that run longer than planned. I have been doing 50 pushups, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats, and 50 curl-ups as a daily ritual and it has worked great for me as a mid-day boost to the body and mind.

1:00 PM – Meet to review Amtrak projects

Meeting with Shane and Taso from PA office on Amtrak Projects

2:00 PM – Project work

Get in the zone, mid-afternoon is my most productive time to get things done. After all the coordination, delegation and meetings, I get to work designing, reviewing and collaborating to get project deliverables completed.

4:30 PM – End of day wrap-up

Finish up any outstanding emails, save and close my work, and get prepared for the next day.

5:30 PM – After work workout

Good time to wrap up my work and start my weekly workout routine. Once or twice a week, my wife and I work out after work and have been enjoying Fitness Blender which has provided us with good challenges. Occasionally on the days that we don’t workout at home, we go for a quick 4 mile run to get our cardio in.

What’s Next?

This year, there are several projects I’m working on that will begin construction and other projects that will be completed. I am looking forward to the successful completion of projects I have worked on and the start of new projects with all of their unknowns, perilous decisions, and ingenious solutions that the team and I come up with.

Additionally, I’m looking forward to joining Tyler Gaskell’s OpenRoads Designer (ORD) group to be a resource for future projects using the ORD tools.

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