Hunter O

  • Title: Senior Business Development Coordinator
  • Alma Mater: University of Georgia – Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
  • Hobbies: I enjoy playing tennis, baking cupcakes, and taking care of my dogs. I also volunteer with a bulldog rescue in Atlanta and foster through that organization.

I chose to pursue this career because…

I enjoy writing and majored in English at UGA. I wanted to use my writing skills in a business setting and it turned out that business development was a good fit for me.

The thing I love most about my job is…

Working with my team. I am a very social person and COVID has been isolating. I’m glad I have a job where I get to work with people.

My favorite thing about TranSystems is…

The amount responsibility that the BD team covers. We work on more traditional BD tasks like proposals and presentations, but we are also responsible for big picture items.

Since joining TranSystems…

I have gotten better at asking questions and being transparent about my understanding. I used to be afraid of asking questions that could be perceived as dumb, but my team is always supportive and embodies the “there are no dumb questions” expression.

8:30 AM – Administrative task

I usually start my day with checking emails, making updates to our CRM, Vision, updating my to-do list, creating agendas, etc. while I’m drinking coffee.

10:00 AM – Weekly one-on-one meeting

I meet with my manager at the beginning of each week to discuss any project updates and talk through upcoming deadlines.

11:00 AM – Check in with mentors

I speak with my mentors, both leaders in the company, a few times a week. Both provide unique insight as to how I can grow in my role.

12:00 PM – Lunch

Sometimes I stop for lunch if I have something exciting to eat. But usually I prefer to sit at my work desk when I eat lunch.

1:00 PM – Monthly CST call

Meet with Client Service Team (CST) to review our pipeline and win strategies. With several opportunities coming down the pipeline, we need to be more ready than ever.

2:30 PM – Updates

At some point during the day, I check online databases for new opportunities and make updates to Vision.

5 PM – End of day wrap-up

I usually stop working between 5 and 6 p.m., depending on when I started that day, working later when my workload requires. I usually eat dinner and watch an episode of Real Housewives of New York.

What’s Next?

I am not part of any industry associations yet, but hope to join some soon!

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