Amy W.

  • Title: Civil Engineer
  • Alma Mater: Mathematics Emporia State University 2017; Civil Engineering Kansas State University 2019
  • Hobbies: Playing sports (tennis is my favorite), spending time outdoors, reading, dancing, traveling, and catching up with friends and family

I chose to pursue a career as a Structural Engineer because…

My high school tennis coach was also the school counselor. My senior year I decided to play college tennis but was still undecided on my major. He told me to challenge myself and try engineering. During my first year of college, I kept bouncing around majors, but I would always come back to engineering. It finally stuck and I am glad it did.

The thing I love most about my job is…

Every day is interesting and what I do is unique.

My favorite thing about TranSystems is…

Having the opportunity to grow and learn with amazing coworkers who all place a lot of value on the quality of product they give to the client.

Since joining TranSystems…

The majority of my career here has been working from home. It has shown me the value of communication and forced me to improve my communications skills. Additionally, I have learned how to reach out and ask for help when I am overwhelmed or have questions.

8:00 AM – Check emails and remote into projects

I start work around 8:30 a.m. by opening Microsoft Outlook and Teams to see if there is any issue that needs immediate attention. I usually open ProjectWise early in the morning as well since most of our CAD files are located there.

9:00 AM – Continue work on main projects

My primary project is the Traffic Management Center (TMC), but I occasionally work on other traffic projects as needed.

10:30 AM – Monday meeting with my manager

On Mondays, I have meetings to discuss the upcoming week. I meet with my manager to catch up on any items and discuss my priorities for the week.

11:00 AM – Touch-base call with my team

Each week, I meet with my team virtually to catch up on anything that’s happened over the last week or so since last touching base. We talk about resources and our plan for the week ahead.

12:00 PM – Work through lunch or go on walk

I normally pack a lunch and work through my meal, especially if we are busy at the TMC. However, sometimes I will eat out and take a break. My coworker and I also like to take daily afternoon walks by the river over lunch.

1:00 PM – Meet with KDOT

I mostly work with the KDOT Bureau of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) staff and contractors completing maintenance on the ITS devices. However, during the afternoons I cover the TMC and get phone calls from KDOT field staff, law enforcement, and other agencies such as KTA and KC Scout.

2:30 PM – Check in with Project Grow mentoring group

I meet with my project grow team once a month. They have great insight and I love hearing their perspective on things.

3:30 PM – Finish up recurring projects

There are always several recurring items on my list including checking on traffic incidents, troubleshooting devices and documentation, checking in with operators and answering questions, daily reports and call logs, and monthly reporting for the TMC. So, I check up on these most days.

6:00 PM – Log off

I normally log off around 6:00 pm, depending on how busy the rush hour is. After work, I either meet a friend at the gym, go to cardio tennis, or run errands. Then go home and cook dinner with my husband and puppy. I also will be starting to study for my P.E. exam. I am hoping to take it this spring, and that will be added to my routine, as well.

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