Taylor P

  • Title: Civil Engineer
  • Alma Mater: University of Maine (2018)
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Baking and Going to the Gym

I chose to pursue a career in Civil Engineering because…

I always loved math and science growing up. I went to an engineering camp in high school, and the rest is history. I love getting to work in a career that is mentally challenging and is so important to society.

The thing I love most about my job is…

Every day is different. It keeps things interesting that every project is dissimilar with unique challenges that need to be solved.

My favorite thing about TranSystems is…

The people! It is nice to work in an environment where everyone is kind and always willing to help.

Since joining TranSystems…

I’ve grown so much. I began working at TranSystems at a big transitional point in my life. I had not only just graduated college, but also moved from a town in Maine to the city of Boston. Since then, I have not only grown in my knowledge of civil engineering, but also in my personal life as I transitioned into adulthood.

7:00 AM – Make Coffee and Check Emails

I kick off my work day with a cup of coffee, then check my emails, calendar, and to-do list to plan out my day.

8:30 AM – Check-in With Team

I start off each week by checking in with my team to go over any project updates and discuss what we are working on for the week. The project I’m primarily focused on at the moment is Route 79 in Fall River, MA. The project consists of reconfiguring Route 79 and Davol Street to improve mobility and safety. I am working on the proposed drainage structure layout and proposed BMPs to treat the stormwater runoff.

10:00 AM – Project Touch Base Meeting

I’m also working on the CTA Red Line Extension with the Chicago office, for which I attend weekly meetings. The Chicago office is designing a rail yard, and I am helping with the yard drainage. For this project I have worked on existing drainage conditions of the area, looked at the potential drainage outfall locations, and designed some proposed BMPs to treat the stormwater runoff from the yard.

11:00 AM – Lunch n’ Learns

As a member of WTS Boston, I attend monthly WTS luncheons (which have been made virtual for the time being), where there is generally a speaker that discusses a transportation related topic. I recently participated in a six-month mentorship program that was very beneficial.

On a bi-weekly basis, I attend a CAD/Technology lunch and learn within the Boston office.

Noon – Lunch Break/Workout

I love to break up my day with a lunch break! I often will squeeze in a workout at lunch time. I find it rejuvenating to take a break before finishing the work day.

1:00 PM – Professional Societies Meeting

Each month I attend a Professional Societies meeting. Here, we discuss any professional society events that took place in the past month and any upcoming events. I am responsible for sharing any WTS events with the office.

2:30 PM – Monthly Civil Division Meeting

I attend a monthly Civil Division meeting where we go over upcoming pursuits, projects, staffing, and project deadlines for the civil division. We often end this meeting with a presentation by someone in the civil division about a project or a technical topic they have knowledge on.

4:00 PM – End of Day Wrap-Up

I usually stop working between 4 and 4:30. I start my evening with whatever errands I have for that day, picking up around my apartment, and then making dinner.

What’s Next?

The things I am looking forward to most are getting a new kitten and starting grad school! I am very excited that I will begin working towards an online master’s degree in hydrology from the University of Oklahoma on Jan. 25!

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