Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility

Sacramento, California
City of Sacramento, CA – Transit

The Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility serves as an intermodal hub for Amtrak train and bus service and passenger and freight rail, Sacramento Regional Transit (SRT), Capitol Corridor, Sacramento Railyards trolley, regional bike trail and pedestrian connections, and as a California High Speed Rail (CHSR) station. The project improves the rail capacity and reliability, for both passenger and freight systems, by reconfiguring and relocating the mainline and platform tracks through the site. The project’s addition of two, new grade separations enables 5th and 6th Street to serve as through-arterials linking The Railyards and downtown Sacramento to facilitate connectivity and adjacent Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). TranSystems completed environmental documentation (NEPA/CEQA) and coordinated with Caltrans (the local sponsor), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Railroad Authority (FRA), and multiple environmental agencies.

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