MassDot/City of Fall River
Fall River, MA

TranSystems is leading a multidisciplinary team to finalize the alternatives analysis and prepare preliminary design for reconfiguration of the Route 79 and Davol Street corridor. The corridor planning study previously prepared by TranSystems identified three project goals:

  • Improve mobility, connectivity and safety for all transportation modes and users
  • Promote and foster local and regional economic development
  • Improve quality of life for residents of surrounding neighborhoods and throughout Fall River

Subsequent to the study, MassDOT selected TranSystems to finalize the alternatives and prepare 25% design. The project includes relocating Route 79 to create developable parcels of land along the Taunton River waterfront and replacing this limited access highway with an urban boulevard. The transformation of this one-mile corridor will provide opportunities for economic development, remove the physical and visual barrier separating the neighborhoods from the river, and provide multimodal connections from the neighborhoods to the waterfront.

The project introduces an extensive network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as access and safety improvements. Sidewalks and off-road shared use paths are proposed along and across the corridor. Considerations are given to incorporating traffic signals and roundabouts into the corridor. The preferred alternative includes introduction of eight new traffic signals.

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