I-84 Corridor Improvements

Hartford, Connecticut
Connecticut DOT

As the heaviest trafficked road in Connecticut with 175,000 vehicles a day and at the end of its projected 40-year life span, the Interstate 84 Corridor in downtown Hartford was in need of replacement and upgrades. TranSystems was selected as program manager for the replacement of two miles of I-84 with an estimated construction cost of $1.5 to $2 billion. As part of its role, TranSystems presented four alternatives for consideration, used innovative traffic date collection methods and analyzed the highway and ramp system along with 64 local intersections. The project also includes oversight of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), extensive public involvement, including more than 100 public meetings, two new interchanges, numerous bridge and tunnel structures, revising the local roadway network, accommodation of bus-rapid transit, a revised Transit Center and new greenway trail system.

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