Eads Bridge Rehabilitation

St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Metro

Called an engineering marvel in its day, the Eads Bridge was the first Mississippi River Crossing built in 1874 in St. Louis. After well over a century of use, the bridge was showing its age, and required a complete rehabilitation of its truss and superstructure to ensure this critical piece of a $1.8 billion network of transit infrastructure can continue to serve the region for generations to come.

The rehabilitation project was the first comprehensive, full-scale rehabilitation of the 142-year-old Eads Bridge extending its life for another 75 years through rehabilitating and restoring the steel truss and superstructure. In addition, the structural flooring system for MetroLink was completely replaced with new rails and ties, and messenger and contact wire that are used to power the trains have been upgraded to new overhead conductor rail, improving the light rail system’s efficiency and reliability.

TranSystems served as owner’s representative on all three phases of the Eads Bridge Rehabilitation.

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