Successful Coordination Starts with Experience

Effectively coordinating projects with Class 1 railroads requires deep experience, well-honed skills, and a deft touch. It’s not unlike being a locomotive engineer who learns, over time, every detail of his or her stretch of track. They come to know not just the fixed and trustworthy landmarks along the way but also the key variables, right down to the configuration of car doors. With this attention to detail, they calculate a smooth journey and precise stop.

BNSF Railway

With BNSF, TranSystems has a long history of providing consulting services on capacity improvements and public projects – as well as concept through construction management of intermodal facilities and much more. Since 1988, we’ve completed more than 3,900 contracts for BNSF.

Union Pacific Railroad

Our work for UPRR includes planning, design, architecture and construction management on a variety of projects ranging from bridges, public projects, intermodal facilities, capacity improvements and much more. Since 1993, we’ve completed more than 1,200 contracts for UPRR. We’ve worked with every Class 1 railroad through the years, and we’ve learned what makes each unique. While they all share similar goals, they each have their own distinct policies and standards. They each speak their own language and have their own way of doing things. They each bring a different set of expectations and requirements to the table for coordinated projects, especially those projects balancing the needs of freight and commuters.

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