On-Dock and Near-Dock Rail

As America’s economy and population grow, so does the demand for on-dock and near-dock rail. Learn about the benefits and how TranSystems’ expertise can help make it a reality. TranSystems has effectively combined our understanding of the movement of goods from international origins and cargo forecasting with our expertise in rail operations.

As congestion on highways increases, facilities across the country are shifting from trucks to freight rail. With this shift, implementing on-dock or near-dock rail could be the single most optimizing infrastructure investment made to improve supply chain capabilities.

One double-stacked intermodal train can eliminate up to 750 local truck trips.

In addition to alleviating congestion, rail cargo movement via on-dock rail is the most efficient method for moving containers to long-haul destinations and can offer many environmental benefits as well. Trains are up to four times more fuel efficient than trucks. Good for the environment as well as business, on-dock and near-dock rail will enhance capacity, velocity and safety, increasing the number of containers shipped by rail from a port.

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