Central Region Leadership Changes Announced

TranSystems Corp., a consulting firm that provides engineering and architecture solutions to the transportation marketplace, names names Brian Fairwood as Central Region Senior Vice President overseeing sales and operations for eight offices in five states in the Central Region and Chad Gartner, PE, as Managing Director of the Texas area, overseeing sales and operations for the three Texas offices.

Fairwood has more than 28 years of experience with planning reports, contract plan preparation, and coordination for municipal projects, including roadway and intersection geometrics, bikeway and pedestrian facilities, streetscape design, capacity analysis, traffic and accident studies, signal warrants, right-of-way requirements, funding analysis, and public coordination and involvement. Brian has also worked with our clients within the Chicago region in utilizing more than 40 distinct funding sources for transportation improvements. He’s held multiple roles within the company leading sales and operations for our Chicago offices and serving as a Principal-in-Charge on numerous projects.

Gartner has more than 30 years of experience developing multimodal solutions for transportation projects with construction cost up to $500M. His experience includes the design and project management of urban freeways, urban and rural roadways, traffic signal improvements, freight rail, and commuter rail projects. He has served as Fort Worth Office Director for four years.

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