Benefits of Hiring an Owner’s Representative for Project Execution

By: Kevin D. Hicks, PE
Freight Market Sector Leader & Senior Vice President

As the U.S. and global economies recover from the pandemic, infrastructure projects have become an extremely popular way to jump-start local economies. In the US, the availability of grants and loans is at an all time high, making it very attractive for many owners to execute their projects at this time. Even without this funding assistance, private clients are executing many projects that they may have had on hold due to economic uncertainty over the past couple of years.

Many clients also find themselves with limited staffs to manage their projects, which also include time consuming tracking and reporting requirements that come with financial assistance. Additionally, new things are being tracked due to owners’ corporate responsibilities and Environmental and Social Governance. These things make it very important for owners to consider hiring a qualified owner’s representative to assist them in the management and execution of their projects.

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