Honoring the Legacy of Rosa Parks Ensuring Equity in Public Transit

February 4th is National Transit Equity Day, celebrated on Rosa Parks’ birthday. As an organization committed to both building community and advancing transportation, Overland, Pacific & Cutler, a wholly-owned division of TranSystems Corporation, has a devoted practice for equity in design. This February, we reached out to Annette Muhammad, our Community Equity Program Manager, to get her thoughts on the importance of transit equity.

“Transit equity cannot be achieved without justice. Justice, in this context, requires inclusive planning and partnerships, such that local residents are heard, their experiences are valued, and their contributions shape the outcome,” explains Ms. Muhammad.

“Transportation is the bridge that connects people to opportunity. For too long, low-income communities and communities of color have not had meaningful access to the benefits of our transportation system, and in many cases, they have experienced the burden of our policy choices. An equitable approach to transportation relieves the burden from the most vulnerable and shares the benefits with everyone.”

As a part of TranSystems, OPC is driven to serve. Continuing from our founding vision, we act as the human touch for those impacted by transit and other infrastructure projects. Our in-the-field teams of passionate problem-solvers represent the diversity of the communities that we serve so that we can best help everyone pull together for equitable transit solutions. Contact TranSystems’ OPC division to find out how we can help your agency make real community connections.

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