Construction Management (At-Risk)

Hiring a consultant to manage a project’s construction is a smart way for the busy owner to handle multiple priorities.  TranSystems, as a construction manager, frequently oversees the design, provides quality assurance during construction, and most importantly, assists the owner in making necessary decisions to support the entire process. This can be done as a stand-alone contract, or by self-performing some of the work. Our construction management approach allows our clients to package design, procurement, and construction in a manner that effectively manages project risks and streamlines delivery.

The construction manager not at-risk (CMNAR) concept positions the CMNAR contract solely with the Owner. The CMNAR’s responsibility is to deliver a successful project. So there is still risk involved, but it is usually not monetary and is generally considered “low risk.” The owner benefits when he has a number of projects going on at one time, does not have the in-house expertise, or cannot devote the resources necessary to oversee the construction of a project.

TranSystems’ construction management services include working with all parties involved to provide the owner with the best quality project possible. We know what it takes to construct a quality project—whether infrastructure or vertical—we have the staff to manage and inspect our clients’ interests. We have the knowledge and experience to anticipate problems with site conditions, the design documents, and the construction methods and schedule initiated by the contractor. Our active participation in the process helps identify issues and concerns in advance. This approach helps keep projects on schedule and minimizes costly contract modifications and change orders.

There are a number of CMNAR variations that allow the owner flexibility in building a project. TranSystems works with the owner to provide the best solution for the project situation.  We serve as Owner’s Representative (OR) to oversee engineering and contracting efforts, ensuring that all design and building work progresses according to plans and specifications. As Construction Management Agent (CMa) we manage the engineer and the contractor but the owner retains their contracts. TranSystems performs peer reviews or validation of another consultant’s design work in a Design Criteria Professional (DCP) role. To lessen the burden altogether for an owner, we serve as Engineering/Procurement/Construction Management Agent (E/PCMa), where we design the project, specify the materials, help the owner select a contractor and manage the contractor’s installation work.

Determining the correct form of construction management can have a great effect on the cost and risk associated with a project.  TranSystems helps owners by offering models that best meet their risk comfort level.


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