TranSystems' security solutions bring resolution to the four most common motivations in the public and private sector: risk mitigation in the face of a recognized threat, regulatory compliance and the risk of penalties, liability and tort exposure in the event of an incident, and public expectation. Our expert solutions include risk consulting, security design and value engineering, training, drills and exercises, and security program management.

The TranSystems Security Team consists of highly trained, experienced and credentialed professionals. A blend of professional real-world experience and specialized education, our team’s qualifications include: Certified Protection Professional*, Physical Security Professional*, Certified Security Consultant*, Certified in Homeland Security*, Professional Engineer, Registered Communications Distribution Designer. To reduce risk for our clients, we can involve all personnel working at a site in security training – recognizing this as a potential gap in security. Our team of security technicians, engineers, and analysts has developed interactive training curricula that focus on security awareness, counterterrorism, and critical incident preparedness.

Whether by sea, land, or air, we know the science of getting there safely and securely. The essence of the value we bring is our industry-specific experience coupled with engineering excellence and our complete systematic approach. TranSystems has become a global leader in effective and cost-efficient risk mitigation.

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