Program Management

TranSystems is retained as the program manager by public and private sector clients for numerous types of design and construction projects. We consistently work with service providers, including the designer-of-record and the general contractor, and stakeholders such as railroads, local governments and businesses to coordinate the significant design and construction work, including planning and design documents, material orders, construction inspection, traffic maintenance, utility coordination, and change orders. We have prepared and administered all of the contracts necessary to complete the scope of work and organized the work of all of the affected parties. As part of the program manager role, TranSystems provides quality control to ensure all plans and construction are accomplished within the appropriate specifications.

Program management requires a higher level of integration, cost control, and the management of sometimes hundreds of concurrent tasks along the critical path. Our staff provides a multitude of expertise in engineering design and operations, which proved extremely beneficial in coordinating the construction and maintenance agreements between the stakeholders. Additionally, our construction experience helps bring projects to completion on time, within budget, and with an outstanding record of safety and public service. We look beyond basic engineering design and construction issues, and incorporate financial responsibility, environmental responsibility, multimodal requirements, local business needs, aesthetics, convenience to the motoring public, and safety into the design. The results of our program management demonstrate the effectiveness of partnering with all the stakeholders and using creative contracting mechanisms to accomplish the project goals.

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