Security and Anti-Terrorism Training

Security classes prepare students to plan, perform, and manage various levels of security operations. TranSystems offers classes on-site with a custom tailored curriculum that includes practical instruction in facility assessments and participation in scenario-based threat awareness and response exercises. TranSystems also provides unmatched instruction in threat collection and intelligence analyses, a critical factor in safeguarding the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources.  

TranSystems provides the following security training program services: 

  • Assessment and review of your current training programs, to assure ongoing regulatory compliance
  • “Train-the-Trainer” programs that certify select company personnel to provide the most frequently needed and  courses
  • World-class instructors who are recognized leaders in their fields and have the demonstrated ability to transfer their knowledge to your staff
  • ISPS Code, MTSA, US Coast Guard and DHS -complaint classroom training provided in several locations in the United States, the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, and Europe
  • A wide-range of courses that cover every aspect of security management and operations for all levels of your organization
  • Complete video, course materials, and testing procedures that help assure that personnel receive not only quality training, but that the experience is appropriately documented
  • Delivered at your location and to your specifications

With course content that meets or exceeds both domestic and international standards, TranSystems’ instructors have taught more than 5,000 students in more than 40 countries. Our security and domain awareness certification classes are tailored to meet the training requirements identified by DHS, FTA, IMO's ISPS Code and the US's MTSA for the specific subject area. TranSystems provides senior instructors on security vulnerability assessments, international terrorism, criminal conspiracies, and the ISPS Code and MTSA.

Senior members of the USCG, DHS, FBI, CIA, MARAD, and law enforcement agencies have benefited from TranSystems unparalleled training expertise. Additionally, TranSystems was selected to instruct at the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's renowned antiterrorism programs. Our trainers were asked to assist in the development of the FLETC seaport and ship security programs; and DHS Antiterrorism awareness programs for US Public Transportation Systems. 

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