Physical and Electronic Security Systems Design and Engineering

Design and program planning of a physical security solution for any project should be holistic, considering integration with other systems and infrastructure, to support the security program. This process starts during the schematic planning for the project’s traffic flow and operations.

TranSystems’ security system design process typically includes varying elements of: investigation and recommendation; facility master planning; design of physical and electronic security systems – schematic design through construction documents; value engineering; opinions of probable cost; development of security operating specifications; preparation of bid documents including requests for proposals; participation in vendor/security contractor selection process; assistance with equipment/software selection; conduct equipment and software “shoot outs”; construction management of system installation(s); final inspection and commissioning testing; and system training, warranty, and monitoring of ongoing performance and supplier support.

The TranSystems security design team provides the client with the ability to vision the operation, traffic flow, and define the restricted areas well in advance of the contractor’s involvement. This allows the system to be designed based on operational needs instead of trying to fit specific equipment into a condition for which it was not designed.

In the past, security was added to facilities after the renovation or construction was complete; little thought was included during the design. This can no longer be the practice since the integration of technology and security systems infrastructure impacts many other design elements. TranSystems provides the design service to allow the security system infrastructure to be part of the initial design effort.

TranSystems’ integrated security system design services include:

  • Enterprise systems for local, regional, or global monitoring
  • Monitoring center, emergency operations center, and fusion center design
  • Video surveillance and detection systems
  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Physical security information management systems
  • Network design and bandwidth planning
  • Intercom systems and emergency communications
  • Door and window selection and hardware coordination
  • Conduit layouts with security power requirements
  • Lighting layouts with photometric detail
  • Design services for new construction and renovations/re-fits
  • Fences and vehicle barriers
  • Electronic gates
  • Security guard facilities
  • Secured entry points
  • Blast mitigation

TranSystems’ Security Team is an independent security consulting and engineering concern that is not affiliated with, nor has any alliance with, security equipment manufacturers, security installation companies, guard companies, investigators, or any insurance companies that would otherwise bias our recommendations and design.

TranSystems consultants provide physical and electronic security systems for a wide variety of clients, including local, state, and federal government facilities; transit agencies; freight rail organizations; intermodal facilities; airports and related facilities; manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies; water utilities; electrical power generation and distribution companies; oil and gas refining and distribution companies; telecommunications and data centers; ports and maritime organizations; higher education facilities; and non-profit and cultural organizations.

Security Engineering Capabilities

TranSystems is trained on a multitude of software, hardware and IT solutions to enhance the service offerings we provide to clients, including: 
  • Revit/BIM 2014 (3D views of video camera coverage and security command centers)
  • AutoCAD 2014
  • Micro station V8
  • Visual Basic & Professional lighting design software 2012
  • Google Sketch-up for 3D concepts
  • Microsoft Visio 2010
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