Information Technology

TranSystems works with leading organizations to provide Information Technology (IT) consulting services to accelerate and maximize the business value derived from information technology. Our IT consulting solutions provide knowledge management, database and infrastructure planning and process innovation. Key IT services include systems analysis and design, systems life-cycle development, legacy and enterprise resource planning systems integration, contingency and response planning, and systems implementation.

TranSystems recognizes that to deliver business results, a clear understanding of a client's business strategy and goals must be developed. Therefore, management consulting skills are as important as the infrastructure, architecture, and technological skills of our staff. Our philosophy promotes capitalizing on the latest in collaborative computing by combining the right balance of people, processes, and technology. To ensure repeatable, quantifiable results on all projects, TranSystems uses the Oracle CASE*Method structured systems development methodology, which supports our efforts to analyze, document, and automate client business practices.

Throughout our history, TranSystems has performed analyses facilitated by data and information processing tools. TranSystems' expertise in information technology is well established as our staff has provided IT services for federal and state agencies, commercial businesses and industrial manufacturers. TranSystems has been involved in managing and performing large scale system development as well as in the design, development, and implementation of commercial software. TranSystems has a broad base of microcomputer-based tool development expertise for analyzing, augmenting, processing, and displaying a wide variety of data types and formats.

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