Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification

Organizations across the globe produce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. TranSystems offers a full range of services addressing climate change and GHG emissions management, including GHG validation and verification services. To date, TranSystems has worked with more than 30 organizations reportering to the California Climate Action Registry, California Air Resources Board, The Climate Registry, Massachusetts Department of the Environment, and the Climate Action Reserve. In fact, in 2004, TranSystems (formerly EH Pechan) verified the first GHG inventory submitted to the California Climate Action Registry by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Other TranSystems verification clients include Roseville (CA) Electric, Goal Line Co-Generation, HL Power, the Ontario Climate Change Secretariat, the City of Sacramento, the University of California, Los Angeles, Turlock Irrigation District, the City of Martinsville (VA), the Maryland Department of Environment, and Redding (CA) Electric.

California AB32 GHG Reporting Verification
TranSystems is an approved verification body with the California Air Resources Board (Executive Order H-09-005).  California’s revised climate change regulation became effective on January 1, 2012.  The revised regulation affects industrial facilities, suppliers of operators of petroleum and natural gas systems, and electricity retail providers and marketers. TranSystems has accredited GHG verifiers for general verification and for all three sector specialties:  (1) transactions, (2) oil and gas, and (3) process emissions. TranSystems was first accredited by the California Air Resources Board as a verification body in 2009.

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