Facility Layout and Planning

Did the results of the network optimization analysis suggest consolidation or expansion of your current distribution facilities? Are your facilities sized, configured and equipped to support your supply chain strategy? What are the tradeoffs among enhanced mechanization, automation, and additional staffing? Can deployment of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) reduce equipment and staffing requirements, speed material flow and improve accuracy? TranSystems will work with you to address these questions, analyze alternatives and develop material handling layouts and designs that work to support your requirements, both today and into the future. Our seasoned team of consultants and engineers will help you to identify the most cost-effective, practical solutions and then support their implementation.

From new (Greenfield), to expansion or reset of an existing facility, we work with clients to find the best solution for their requirements. The following outlines some of the TranSystems capabilities across new and existing production, warehousing and distribution centers:

New (Greenfield) Sites
  • Develop initial site and facility layouts and plan for desired growth through 10 and 20 year growth plans
  • Develop optimal site flow and parking layouts
  • Locate building on site to maximize growth while minimizing infrastructure cost
  • Develop investment options and project schedule
  • Identify local code and permit issues
Existing Sites
  • Analyze current site, identify deficiencies and budget improvements
  • Evaluate current buildings and provide upgrade and expansion concepts and budgets
  • Identify local code and permit issues
  • Develop multi-year plan(s) for infrastructure and site improvements
  • Develop master schedule for implementation designed to minimize disruption to on-going operations
There are many factors that could indicate the need for a reset of your facility. The marketplace is driving distribution operations to more frequent order cycles and continued additions to new product catalogs and customer service offerings. Operators are being asked to simultaneously drive costs down while order volume and complexity continue to expand. All of these challenges have a significant impact on existing facility designs, technology and systems. In order to address these issues, it’s important to ask the right questions and balance the answers with operational considerations to identify the most cost-effective solutions. Examples include:
  • Does facility layout contribute to (or impede) efficient order and material flow?
  • Are there more effective ways to use the building footprint?
  • Is the level of warehouse technology appropriate to current and projected activity levels?
  • Picking is generally the heartbeat of a warehouse – do stock levels (days of inventory) and picking methods meet expected throughput demands and effectively utilize labor?
  • Does the warehouse have the right systems to efficiently manage operations?
  • Will present systems, mechanical and operational, support anticipated customer requirements?
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