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With specialized expertise in providing traffic engineering, transportation planning, and design services, TranSystems’ focus is on safety and convenience. We consider the end-user every step of the way. Our diverse experience includes traffic and parking studies, intersection and roundabout design, micro-simulation modeling, work zone traffic control, traffic signal and signal system design, intelligent transportation systems, signing and street lighting design, construction management and more. Our team has the proven knowledge and experience to successfully execute a wide variety of transportation projects from intersection upgrades to large scale transportation studies for thoroughfare planning, freeway access modifications, and new land developments.

TranSystems regularly performs analyses to identify capacity improvements for roadway networks. Improvements include traffic signal timing modifications, intersection improvements, roundabout design, widening of existing facilities, new alternative facilities, one-way facilities, reversible lanes and channelization, and provision of adequate ingress/egress to adjacent land use.

Intersection design incorporates lessons learned from the study phase and the elements of traffic design into an overall functioning system such as an intersection or roundabout guided by traffic signals or signs. Auxiliary lanes may be an addition to these designs to further promote more efficient traffic flow. This integrated system presents an opportunity for increased capacity, safety, and even economic vitality for the members of the community as well as those traveling through.

TranSystems’ traffic engineering professionals are recognized leaders in their field, providing unparalleled expertise to our clients. Our traffic professionals offer the following services:

 Corridor studies
 Interchange studies
 Traffic impact studies
 Safety studies/road safety audits
 Turn lane warrant studies
 Alternatives evaluation including innovative interchange/intersection solutions
 Parking studies
 Speed studies
 Capacity analyses
 Roundabout analysis and design
 Micro-simulation modeling
 Traffic data collection/field inventories
 Traffic signal warrant studies
 Traffic signal design
 Traffic signal system design
 Traffic signal coordination timing development
 Roadway lighting analysis and design
 Work zone traffic control and maintenance of traffic
 Urban street and freeway pavement marking
 Urban street and freeway signage
 Travel demand modeling
 Construction cost estimating


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