The benefits of design-build are becoming more understood and used by owners, but it is still not as mainstream as design-bid-build project delivery. In design-build, the contractor entity assumes responsibility for the majority of the design and all of the construction. This enables the project to be completed faster and more economically by combining construction and design at the outset of the project, and giving the owner a single entity with which to contract.

TranSystems has teamed with a number of clients and contractors on design-build projects. We become part of the contractor’s team during the project pursuit phase, designing in advance to help develop alternative technical concepts that win the bid. By the time the project is awarded, we are a fully functioning team that has a jump start on completing the project.

Our staff becomes an extension of the contractor’s staff, working hand-in-hand to design and build a quality project that meets the owner’s needs.  TranSystems provides all services for design-build projects, from survey and traffic staging through final design.  Our goal is to work early with the contractor to develop designs and construction methodologies that will save the owner time and money.

TranSystems applies this same expertise to vertical design/build projects—most prominently for the federal government and private sector. From writing RFPs that are used to procure design/build facilities contracts to serving as the lead architect or engineer, TranSystems works with the contractor client and the owner to design efficient, cost effective solutions that can be built. Our efforts on hangar projects have continually been rewarded over time by receipt of awards such as the Department of Defense Value Engineering Excellence Award and the Air Force Materiel Command Design Citation Award. Two other design/build projects have won Plant of the Year awards through the Food Manufacturer’s Institute in the past two years.

With a primary commitment of delivering top notch service to our clients, we stress planning and consideration of alternative solutions upfront to avoid rework later in the process. We also employ the latest technology, such as BIM, to design complex structures and identify conflicts between architecture, structure and mechanical systems; it greatly enhances the design process to include quality control in concert with design/build contractors’ support in maintaining effective schedule adherence.

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