Airport Sustainability

TranSystems is uniquely focused on providing single source, integrated solutions in planning, environmental and engineering for both public and private-sector clients. With a diverse and experienced staff, our environmental planning team is positioned to deliver superior service on any level of NEPA, cultural resources, ecological or environmental tasks.

One of the large sources of carbon emissions at airports comes from the car and bus movements associated with rental cars.  The congestion associated with rental cars and rental car buses in turn engenders additional emissions from the other vehicles that need to access the terminal curbs and adjacent airport areas. TranSystems has been very effective in designing consolidated rental car facilities and their associated circulation networks in a way to substantially reduce these emissions. The methods that TranSystems has used to reduce emissions include:

Reduce the number of intersections between different types of vehicular traffic and between pedestrians and vehicles to 
     allow free flowing vehicular movements.
Reduce the travel distance between the terminal and the rental cars and the rental car return area and the rental car 
     service area.
Consolidate all the individual rental car company buses into a single bus and replace buses all together with automated
     people movers.
Use Consolidated Rental Car facilities as a multimodal connection with other transportation options.
Use dynamic operations modeling to test the efficiency and through of alternative designs to identify the most sustainable

The consolidated rental car facilities designed by TranSystems have also served as platform for mounting large photo voltaic arrays that provide much of the facility power requirements. 

Additional sustainable practices included the use of reclaimed water for the car wash systems, high efficiency mechanical systems, daylighting, efficient lighting systems, reduced water use and increased recycled content in the building materials.


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