Airport Master Planning

TranSystems has played an integral role in the modernization of key infrastructure at some of the country's busiest terminals and airports.  Recently, we developed the consolidated terminal plan development – with all landside and airside programming requirements – for a 1,500,000 square foot area at San Francisco International Airport.  TranSystems has also provided full-scope planning, design and associated services for the $1.3 billion American Airlines Terminal Redevelopment program at John F. Kennedy International Airport. 

We were responsible for planning and design of the new San Bernadino International Airport, redeveloped from the closed Norton Air Force Base.  At the personal request of the development firm, TranSystems initiated program management services to assist with the final design and construction of the new terminal and airfield development for the start-up of commercial air service.

What sets us above the competitors? Not only do we have the design expertise but we have the management expertise from personnel that come from years of experience working directly for the major air carriers. We are sensitive to the airlines needs and understand when, where and how to best invest the design and construction dollars in the difficult aviation economy.

Our expertise includes the following:
  • Design and implementation of information technology systems: network and desktop, public address and WiFi, information display and public address
  • Customer service processing: ticketing, gate and baggage service counter design and self-service check-in
  • Baggage sortation systems
  • Concession programs
  • Art-in-public places
  • Airport club and lounge design
  • Consolidated rental car facility design
  • Public parking at grade and multi-story facilities
  • Apron condition assessment and rehabilitation
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