Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facilities

Public parking and rental car facilities are significant components of the airport customer experience. TranSystems specializes in superior architectural design and engineering services for the master planning and construction of consolidated rental car facilities for the nation's busiest aviation and transportation centers.

For multiple international and domestic airports throughout the country, TranSystems provided first-hand understanding of the unique technical and aesthetic issues.  With a team of qualified professionals in parking planning, business planning and the technical disciplines, TranSystems delivers effective design and structural solutions.

We offer a full range of rental car planning and design services to airports and the rental car industry. This includes programming, and feasibility studies, concept planning, modeling and simulation, and full design and construction services.

TranSystems is recognized as one of the leading consolidated car facility design firms in the US and is the architect f two recent and nationally prominent projects; the $200 million Phoenix Sky Harbor Rental Car Center completed in 2006, and the $260 million San Jose Consolidated Facility completed in 2010.

Our staff has decades of experience on the rental car projects and our design approach integrates the airport and industry contractual relationship with the complex facility design and operational requirements. TranSystems is committed to furthering our excellence in the planning and design of these challenging projects.

ConRACs are unique retail environments with special lighting, structural, and circulation requirements. TranSystems pays particular attention to all aspects of the customer experience, including operational elements such as equal access to all RAC brands, transaction flow and processing times, walking distances, intuitive way-finding, functional adjacencies and vehicle flow. We consider the total customer experience, including the integration of light and air, biomechanics of human comfort, and aesthetic integration of the facility and its surroundings. Our unique approach to programming and our allocation model creates efficiency through the cross-utilization of space within the RAC brands.
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