Alternative Delivery

Alternative delivery methods, such as design-build and construction management not at-risk, enable owners to accelerate the completion of their "mega" projects while maximizing their financial investment. TranSystems has experience with each of these alternative delivery methods—from advising transportation owners on the best way to package and let a project to serving as the owner’s representative to performing as the prime engineer/architect.  Each project is different, but they all gain from lessons learned on the previous. We can intelligently advise on solutions that could work for each situation. No matter which delivery method an owner chooses, deciding earlier in the process can save significant time and money.

Our staff comprises experts in program and project management, funding, construction and project controls, with the resources of more than 1,000 other professionals across the country who help bring projects to fruition.

Through six decades, transportation owners have had a trusted advisor in TranSystems. We have helped freight railroads, passenger rail and transit owners, states and municipalities, airports and air carriers, manufacturers and distributors, port authorities and the federal government find innovative ways to finance and deliver their projects that keep building America’s infrastructure. 

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