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TranSystems Offers New Construction Technology through Partnership with Pavia Systems
TranSystems, a national transportation consultant bringing innovative engineering, architectural and planning solutions to solve the nation's transportation infrastructure challenges, has chosen to partner with Pavia Systems, of Seattle, Washington, for the use of HeadLight, an innovative construction project inspection technology tool. The HeadLight tool will be offered in regional construction projects throughout the U.S. 
TranSystems strives to provide its clients with the best in-house technology resources for construction projects. Clients include freight railroads, passenger rail and transit organizations, state DOTs, tollways and municipalities, airports and air carriers, manufacturers and distributors, ports, and the federal government.
This collaboration allows TranSystems’ clients to achieve higher quality inspection observations and stronger risk management solutions through the use of this new technology. HeadLight specifically allows transportation construction project inspectors to collect real-time data with photo and video capabilities, track equipment and personnel in the field, upload reference files and flag areas of on-site concern in real-time.
“We are proud to partner with Pavia Systems and we believe this integration is a perfect fit for clients seeking a streamlined approach to construction,” said Principal and Senior Vice President Tony Albert. “With our projects spanning across the nation and across the entire transportation spectrum, efficient construction inspection technology is important and we are at the forefront providing project owners the best solution possible.” 
Pavia Systems’ HeadLight tool allows the construction industry to adopt a paperless environment while increasing efficiencies. TranSystems continues to look for ways to improve the overall construction and inspection process. By partnering with Pavia Systems, TranSystems allows clients access to an experienced team of industry professionals with subject matter expertise in a variety of disciplines.
“We are thrilled to work with TranSystems as they offer our technology-based solution, HeadLight to their clients for project inspection,” said Si Katara, president and co-founder of Pavia Systems. “We believe embracing technology adoption will transform the capabilities of the transportation industry and we commend TranSystems for being one of the leaders amongst their peers to do so.” 
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