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This Map Shows a 50/50 Split Between Economic Generators in the US. Here’s a Hint: Think Big Cities

Article Commentary - A Step Further...
The status of cities in the US economy is always of interest, and over the last 20 years the tools have emerged to measure the GDP of states, regions, and cities, just as you might measure to GDP of the United States or any other country.

It is now commonly known that many of our states and more than a few of our cities have larger GDPs than entire other countries, but this is what you get when you start to unpack a $16 trillion economy. There are simply a lot of very powerful economic engines across the continent.

We didn’t do the figuring or the mapping, but someone did using data from the annual US Conference of Mayors Report on the Cities which accumulates these GDP figures. Using those numbers the mapmaker has sought to show half and half where the economic power is generated. You see from that map first what a big country this is, and second, how economic horsepower is gathered in our major metropolitan regions. This is no surprise to the transportation consulting industry; a good deal, even most, of our work here at TranSystems is undertaken on behalf of our municipal clients, who have complex, vital and very circumscribed transportation networks on both the people-moving and goods-moving side. The integration between the modes is key, our sweet spot around here.

Don’t feel too bad for the rest of the country, the visual mostly conveys the superpower of these cited cities, but doesn’t diminish the like superpower of the rest of the country. $8 trillion – half of our current national GDP – is a ton of money.
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