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L'Amerique attend de nouvelles infrastructures (Projet de TranSystems!)
Depuis novembre, Mike, Nick et Dave ont plutôt le sourire. Ces ingénieurs travaillent sur un projet important, la rénovation de quelques kilomètres d’autoroute, véritable nœud routier et ferroviaire au cœur de Hartford, la capitale du Connecticut (États-Unis) et cela depuis plusieurs années. Les enjeux financiers et urbains de ce chantier, chiffré en milliards de dollars, sont extrêmement importants pour cet État de l’Est américain. Et l’arrivée au pouvoir de Donald Trump leur donne de l’espoir – professionnellement parlant du moins.

En cette mi-janvier, les trois hommes sont réunis dans les bureaux de Mike, dont le cabinet coordonne les nombreuses études préliminaires, nécessaires avant de couler le premier bloc de béton. De l’autre côté d’une large baie vitrée, ils peuvent apercevoir le dôme doré du capitole du Connecticut, en surplomb d’un parc qui descend en pente douce.
Article Commentary - A Step Further...
Thank goodness for Google Translate, which is where the writer translated (TranSystems Project!) into (Project de TranSystems!). This fine story – titled in English as Americans Expect New Infrastructure – takes as point of focus one of our marquee projects, the Hartford, Conn. I-84 improvements. The story is quite well done and notes correctly that the state of Connecticut is well-known for its forward lean into highway solutions undertaken in an integrated manner.

The larger story introduces the reader in France the topic of the state of American infrastructure, the anticipation for increased highway and bridge spending from the new administration, the current status of funding, and the course of a major transportation asset along the project timeline and the project life cycle.

We are proud here at TranSystems to be fully engaged in this highly complex stretch of interstate, the reconstruction of two miles of I-84 in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. The associated work includes:
  • The reconstruction of the city street grid system
  • The relocation of the Amtrak High Speed rail corridor
  • Reconstruction of a Bus rapid Transit (BRT) system
  • A new bus transit center
  • New rail annex to handle the relocated tracks and future high speed rail
  • Construction of a portion of the East Coast Greenway trail system
  • The creation of up to 45 acres of new development opportunities over and around the highway next to the capitol building and transit facilities
Rebuilding the central hub of the city while still maintaining all traffic and business operations is a notable undertaking, but one that draws upon what has come to be a TranSystems specialty in maintaining current operations.

The role that TranSystems is filling is that of Program Manager.

Generally, the Program Manager not only executes the project from its own resources, but guides and integrates the contributions of many other firms. Moving the project forward in alignment with the schedule, achieving cost control, and maintaining the quality of the deliverables.

For this project our PM services will involve four different phases:
  • Preliminary engineering and design
  • Coordination with the NEPA/CEPA firm preparing the environmental impact statement
  • Overseeing the final design (and perhaps participating in that design)
  • Overseeing construction phase services (and perhaps participating there as well)
The benefits for the client from such a large project derive from being able to initiate a large number of improvements across multiple modes at once, and in a coordinated matter, keeping an eye on the final intended result, despite all the daily complexity.

The project intends to:
  • Reduce the footprint of the interstate
  • Repair the visual and actual divide between the areas that the roadway bisects
  • Create aesthetically pleasing spaces
  • Enlarge the opportunities for development and open space
  • Support multi-modal interconnectivity
But it doesn’t only aim for urban vigor and the creating of new spaces and opportunities for movement, the stretch of highway includes deficiencies that must be addressed:
  • Bridges structural deficiencies
  • Operational and safety efficiencies
  • Mobility deficiencies
It’s a wonderful project, the type of project that is an honor and a privilege to be associated with as members of the project team, as a firm, and as colleagues. Vive le France! – lsm
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