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Flight Delayed? No Problem. I Wanted to Get a Spin Class in Anyway.

Article Commentary - A Step Further...
The amenities that enrich the aviation experience for the traveler only continues to grow. In addition to an existing powerful retail exposure, the passenger can now access spas, lounges, library-like settings and pop-up stores.

A recent addition brings exercise equipment to the airport, in the case of Philadelphia, cycling machines. These stationary bikes give the traveler the opportunity to maintain fitness, blow off a little steam, and not least, use time in a reasonable way in between flights.
Exercise for the traveler is an iffy thing as many a businessperson will attest. It is no wonder that most hotel gyms are underutilized, sometimes in the extreme, as there is difficulty in setting aside the time before, during, or after the busy business day. Dinner with clients beckon, or preparation time for the next presentation.

The airport visitor is in a much different situation; his or her location is fixed for the time being. The individual that seeks to align productive energy with available time with fitness will find a good fit in these settings. Also, by allowing passengers to exercise, it alleviates a little stress and makes them less agitated when facing delays or other issues with their flight schedule. That makes the engagement process between airport staff and these passengers better - and leads to better customer satisfaction.

The airport is becoming a multi-purpose facility, operating in a world where value-added products and services are all part of the competitive framework. Many fliers these days have options when it comes to where they actually connect to other flights. The cheapest way to fly typically involves connections - direct flights are more expensive. So airports can actually attract more passengers (even those "just passing through") if they can impress them with amenities and other factors that make the experience better. That in turn increases revenues and allows the airport to invest more in the facility. Again, there are a lot of services and amenities that airports and airlines are using to attract passengers. As we said in the beginning of this piece, this is all part of the rush to get more value-added products and services in front of passengers to increase retention, satisfaction, and ultimately loyalty and profits.

This is more in the nature of an experiment at Philadelphia, but here’s guessing that there is strong interest expressed by the traveling public.


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