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There are three circumstances in transportation circles when the words congestion and pricing find themselves in close proximity.

The first in in regard to congestion pricing, this being the process by which drivers are either 1) charged a toll either at certain hours of the day in certain parts of the city or 2) charged a dynamically higher (or lower) price depending on actual conditions on the roadway. In both cases the thinking is that the value of a stretch of road is not a fixed amount but changes with the circumstance. Congestion pricing has been used to good effect in certain cities overseas, and is now making (slow) inroads into various of our own cities. READ ARTICLE
A Step Further...
With the 2017 traffic bridge detour approaching, the Grand Avenue bridge team is strategizing about reducing traffic on the detour through Glenwood Springs by 20 percent during rush hours. Many people have asked, “How can something like this be done?” and our answer is traffic demand management. READ ARTICLE
A Step Further...
Both the private and the public side of transportation – roughly, the goods-moving side in the first place, the people-moving side in the second – have a keen interest in making their networks as efficient as possible. READ COMMENTARY
Depuis novembre, Mike, Nick et Dave ont plutot le sourire. Ces ingenieurs travaillent sur un projet important, la renovation de quelques kilometres d'autoroute, veritable noeud routier et ferroviaire au coeur de Hartford, la capitale du Connecticut (Etats-Unis) et cela depuis plusieurs annees. READ ARTICLE
A Step Further...
Thank goodness for Google Translate, which is where the writer translated (TranSystems Project!) into (Project de TranSystems!) This fine story – titled in English as American Expects New Infrastructure – takes as point of focus one of our marquee projects, the Hartford, Conn. I-84 improvements. READ COMMENTARY
If you’re over on the highways and bridges side of the world diverging diamond design (DDD) may be known to you, at least by repute; if you’re on the goods-moving side, here’s an opportunity to learn about one of the more intriguing interchange design solutions out there. READ ARTICLE
A Step Further...
The status of cities in the US economy is always of interest, and over the last 20 years the tools have emerged to measure the GDP of states, regions, and cities, just as you might measure to GDP of the United States or any other country. READ ARTICLE
A Step Further...
Riders jumping on and off the Market-Frankford El at the Spring Garden station are experiencing a different type of light show. The Spring Garden Connector Project aims to brighten the historically dreary I-95 and El underpass between North Second Street and North Front Street just off Delaware Avenue. READ ARTICLE
A Step Further...
This is a modest but highly attractive application of what has come to be called adaptive reuse, taking otherwise underutilized patches and sometimes entire miles-long stretches of transportation infrastructure and bringing them into cultural, entertainment, or commercial use. READ COMMENTARY
American infrastructure has fallen into "disrepair and decay," said President Donald Trump in his inaugural address Friday. Airports, high-speed rail, and roads, particularly in dense metropolitan areas, could be particularly appealing targets for infrastructure funding under President Trump's $10-year, $1 trillion infrastructure plan. READ ARTICLE
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There is a wide range of infrastructure categories, a common list might include general buildings, refineries and petrochemical plants, water and wastewater treatment plants and their accompanying collection and distribution systems, municipal solid waste collection and disposal, pipeline networks, schools, power generation plants. READ COMMENTARY
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