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There are three circumstances in transportation circles when the words congestion and pricing find themselves in close proximity.

The first in in regard to congestion pricing, this being the process by which drivers are either 1) charged a toll either at certain hours of the day in certain parts of the city or 2) charged a dynamically higher (or lower) price depending on actual conditions on the roadway. In both cases the thinking is that the value of a stretch of road is not a fixed amount but changes with the circumstance. Congestion pricing has been used to good effect in certain cities overseas, and is now making (slow) inroads into various of our own cities. READ ARTICLE
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Though there are some 600,000 bridges in the highway portfolio of bridges, all of which benefit from regular inspection and maintenance, there are another 100,000 in the freight rail industry. We do quite a few inspections in each sector; let’s take a look over on the freight rail side. READ ARTICLE
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It's been gratifying to be involved in Chicago's CREATE program, and so successfully at that; one of our current engagements in that program, the CREATE P1 – Englewood Flyover project, not only has won the American Council of Engineering Companies’ Eminent Conceptor Award, the highest honor for Illinois chapter, but it moved on to the national stage where it garnered ACEC’s Honor Award, putting it in the top 25 projects in the nation. READ ARTICLE
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