Newark Airtrain Guideway Base Section Structure Inspection


Project Summary

TranSystems inspected the Newark Liberty International Airport AirTrain and prepared a comprehensive investigation report and prioritized repair and maintenance recommendations. Placed into operation in 1996, the AirTrain serves as a people mover between the outlying parking lots and all three air terminals. The monorail includes seven passenger stations, two electric power substations and a maintenance facility. The structure consists of continuous welded box girders, supported by welded steel hammerhead columns. The alignment is curved in plan, with a total length of nearly two miles. Fully automated trains operate continuously on two guideway tracks and can complete a round trip circuit in 19 minutes. The updated system has been expanded to connect with Amtrak in the Northeast corridor. The basic structure of the elevated monorail is fracture – critical, non-redundant members and received a 100 percent hands-on inspection. Piers, guideway girders, switch structures, stations and buildings were included in the scope of work. The inspection was completed primarily at night to prevent service interruptions and utilized lift equipment to provide access. Field personnel received FAA clearance for entry into restricted security areas.

Project Highlights

  • Inspected Newark AirTrain and prioritzed repair and maintenance recommendations
  • Expanded service to connect with Amtrak

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