Johnson County Maintenance Facility Conversion for CNG Use

Johnson County, Kansas

Project Summary

This multi-purpose transit complex serves as home base for Johnson County Transit Administration, Operations and Maintenance, serving a fleet of 31 full-size transit buses and 44 paratransit buses. TranSystems recognized the new facility needed to keep pace with the aggressive changes to public transportation in Johnson County. The main building features pre-cast panels and masonry with colors and textures that evoke images of Kansas limestone and other native geology. The Center is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional for users at every turn. The site is arranged to allow smooth, unobstructed movement of vehicle functions such as fueling and washing.

Project Highlights

  • Converted operations and maintenance building to be flexible with growing needs of Johnson County
  • Allows for smooth movement of vehicles for fueling and washing
  • Aesthetically pleasing building that resembles local limestone and native geology

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