Bus Rapid Transit

In the transit arena, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) offers fast, direct, convenient service, with a distinct image, usually at significantly lower costs than comparable rail projects. BRT is an ideal solution for many corridors. This technology has demonstrated its ability to operate over the same range of applications as light rail transit (LRT). BRT may use exclusive rights-of-way and/or special bus guide ways. BRT may employ technology solutions such as transit signal priority, real-time “next bus” signs, advanced fare collection and other technologies to improve passenger information and provide an enhanced transportation experience over conventional bus service, with or without dedicated rights-of-way.

BRT can offer some advantages over LRT. BRT can eliminate the need for passengers to transfer to/from feeder buses. BRT can be phased in over a period of time by route segment or feature by feature. Most important, BRT typically can be implemented at lower capital costs and in a shorter time frame.

Our staff has experience planning and designing all the elements necessary to create a high-quality, attractive BRT service. We have specialists in each innovative aspect of BRT complemented by a long history of bus planning.Close

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