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The broad cross-section of decision-makers within public transit systems - from localized city bus services to high speed intercity rail systems, from bus rapid transit systems to aviation-rail links - make up a community of problem-solvers. Comprehensive alternatives analyses, service restructuring, intelligent transportation systems design, multimodal facility design, financial planning services, and fare policy appraisals, are just a few of the tools in the transit toolbox used to develop a wide range of transit solutions.

TranSystems provides a complete range of advisory, planning, design, and construction administration services for all modes of public transportation systems. Our award-winning staff of architects, engineers, and consultants has experience with systems ranging from airport people movers through bus rapid transit, light rail transit, heavy rail rapid transit, and commuter rail systems to high speed intercity rail and advanced ground transportation systems.

Our planners have assisted agencies with route restructuring, fare policies, ITS technology, ADA compliance, paratransit restructuring, and business plan development. Our architects have designed state-of-the-art multimodal centers, airport rail terminals, and even climate controlled bus shelters as well as sensitive redevelopment of historic railroad stations. Our engineers are skilled with track alignment and design, rail and transitway bridges, maintenance facilities, operations centers and the entire station environment including platforms, canopies, parking lots, access roadways, and environmentally friendly passenger structures.

TranSystems understands and utilizes all of these tools to bring a comprehensive response to the range of needs in the passenger rail and transit sector.Close

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