Saddle River Pedestrian Bikeway

Bergen County Parks, NJ

Project Summary

TranSystems performed a feasibility study and provided design services to link the north and south sections of the pedestrian / bike paths in Saddle River County Park. Scenic overviews and access to the Red Mill historic site entice users. The 1.1-mile long 8-foot wide pedestrian path and bikeway was designed to avoid trees and wetland areas, and blend into the landscaping. In addition to the bikeway, contract documents included two bridges to carry the bikeway over the Saddle River and two under crossing structures to carry the bikeway under Route 4 and Red Mill Road.

Project Highlights

  • Extensive geodetic control for 300+/ acres
  • Photogrammetric mapping utilizing dual frequency GPS equipment
  • Scenic overviews/rest stops and access to the Red Mill historic site

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