DuPage River Trail

City of Naperville, IL

Project Summary

TranSystems performed a feasibility study for the entire, nine-mile DuPage River Trail and designed three of the five segments. The Trail consists of paved, off-road facilities along the West Branch of the DuPage River. For the 2.5 miles of Segment 4, TranSystems provided a Resident Engineer, Inspectors and other technical personnel to observe, monitor and document the contractor's progress from the start of field operations to final completion, along with environmental coordination. Construction involved the installation of two prefabricated pedestrian truss bridges. Underground streams discovered while installing a retaining wall for the larger bridge required redesign of the footings.

Project Highlights

  • Feasibility study for nine-mile river trail
  • Trail design including paved, off-road facilities
  • Construction involved two prefabricated pedestrian truss bridges
  • Stream complications required footing redesign

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