Pedestrian Facilities and Bikeways

Enhancing the elemental link between people and nature, trails have become an increasingly important part of our infrastructure, regionally and locally, and are of no less importance than roads, highways and rivers in our transportation network. From individual trail design to citywide trail planning, TranSystems has completed a number of sustainably designed and planned projects.

It is important to note that environmental resources typically seen as obstacles to other transportation projects can be assets to a trail project. Features such as wetlands and historic architecture convey the natural and cultural heritage of an area, and can significantly enhance the experience of the trail user. Our planners and engineers work to highlight these features of the landscape that represent the local natural and built environment in a sensitive way. A balanced approach to trail planning allows for the user to appreciate these resources without adversely impacting the resources themselves.

TranSystems offers a thorough understanding of greenways planning and implementation of recreation and parks master plans. We work with local project administrators (LPAs) to accommodate connection of existing and future multipurpose trails in consideration of open space, parks and public land, and protection of land along rivers. Our focus during greenways development is on the preparation of “bid-able and build-able” construction plans. This allows the effort, time and scarce dollars to be spent where they should be – in construction, rather than in plan development.Close

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