I-84 Viaduct

Connecticut DOT

Project Summary

Built in 1965 the highway reached the end of its projected 40-year life span in 2005 and is the heaviest trafficked road in the state with 175,000 vehicles a day, more than three times it originally intended capacity. TranSystems was selected as Program Manager for the replacement of 2 miles of Interstate 84 through downtown Hartford, Connecticut with an estimated construction cost of $1.5 to $2 Billion. In addition to the 2 miles of interstate highway the project includes two new interchanges, numerous bridge and tunnel structures, revising the local roadway network, accommodation of BRT, a revised Transit Center and new greenway trail system.

Project Highlights

  • Program manager for upwards of $1.5 billion project
  • Analyzed the highway and ramp system along with 64 local intersections
  • Used innovative traffic data collection methods
  • Presented 4 alternatives for consideration

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