I-75 Widening and Reconstruction

Ohio DOT - District 8

Project Summary

The $664M Mill Creek Expressway, involved 7.4 miles of I-75 in Cincinnati and included the first eight steps of ODOT’s Project Development Process. The study area included system interchanges with I-74 and SR 562 and six service interchanges. Key project goals included development of capacity and safety improvements, bringing design features to current standards, eliminating left-hand exits and improving sight distances for motorists. The planning phase was completed in December 2008, and design completed in February 2012 with total engineering fees of $11M.  TranSystems has shepherded the project from early planning, alternatives analysis, preliminary engineering, and preparation of an Environmental Assessment to extensive public involvement and detailed, final design.  Looking to the future, Ohio DOT commissioned an alignment study for a light rail or bus rapid transit line within or adjacent to the I-75 right-of-way to ensure that the highway improvements would not preclude a future transit proposal.

Project Highlights

  • Roadway design for 8 miles of urban interstate, including 6 reconstructed interchanges
  • Structural design of 23 mainline and ramp structures
  • Final design of over 40 retaining walls including MSE, CIP and SPL

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