Carolina Bays Parkway Engineering Design

South Carolina DOT

Project Summary

TranSystems provided final engineering design services for this new, six-lane limited access parkway. The project parallels the Intercoastal Waterway from SC 9 to US 501, for a distance of approximately 19 miles and a new 2.5-mile roadway connects the Parkway to 48th Avenue in Myrtle Beach. The project included five new interchanges and twenty-four bridges and involved multidiscipline coordination with numerous regulatory agencies. To facilitate the design, QA/QC, and staffing requirements, the final design plans were separated into eleven design sections. The entire design was completed and released for construction within 15 months.

Project Highlights

  • Design for a new 21.5-mile, six-lane limited access parkway
  • Design/build project delivery method

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