Integrated Service Offerings

With a full spectrum of disciplines, industry focus, and geographic reach, we have the tools to take our client’s vision from the conceptual environment to the built environment. We can provide you with an entire suite of services – trail, structure, and roadway design and construction management – or we’ll work with you on individual elements of a project to meet your needs – construction inspection, utility coordination, environmental compliance, or survey services to name a few.  Our experience crosses the entire spectrum of transportation-related systems, we tailor our approach to your individual project.

Moving people and products to their destination calls for the absolute best in planning, analysis, design and implementation. Our architectural, engineering and planning services are enriched by the integration of our management consulting, security and real estate expertise. Working together in unison, these domains of knowledge come together under one roof…in service to our clients.

Bridges and Related Structures

Bridges are among a transportation authority’s and rail owner’s most complicated and costly assets. Capital intensive to construct and operate, these critical links in our transportation network must be designed by a trusted advisor who knows how the extract their highest possible benefit.  Click here to read more

Bridge Inspection

TranSystems has a national reputation for excellence and innovation in the inspection and evaluation of highway, railroad, and transit bridges.  Click here to read more

Design Visualization

Design visualization is a rapidly expanding requirement for a broad spectrum of projects, and is being used to get client feedback and direction on projects in order to fine tune different aspects of a project with specialty subcontractors. Click here to read more

Public Outreach and Community Involvement

Many projects in the public sector require solicitation of the public, or public involvement, on a variety of project types – whether structural, architectural, planning, real estate, operational, or environmental.  Click here to read more


Right-of-way acquisition can be a difficult process for each of the parties involved. With a diverse and experienced staff, TranSystems maintains superior client satisfaction and provides administration of real property acquisition in accordance with all federal and state laws, rules and regulations, including the Federal Uniform Relocation and Real Property Act of 1970.  Click here to read more

Urban, Regional, and Community Planning

Planners work with elected and appointed officials to help them create a broad vision for the overall community. TranSystems focuses on providing transportation solutions for community planning, including summarizing transportation challenges and opportunities, analyzing existing and future traffic and safety conditions Click here to read more

Bikeway and Trail Planning

Active transportation is green, healthy, and creates economic development. TranSystems has national experience in active transportation through the planning and design of bikeways and trails as with all modes of transportation. Click here to read more

Traffic Engineering

TranSystems is an industry leader in traffic engineering and planning, specializing in the development of innovative and cost effective solutions to traffic challenges. Click here to read more

Bridge Design and Engineering

At TranSystems, we plan and design new bridges to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, safe, and economical. TranSystems excels in providing successful alternatives for preliminary scoping studies by working directly with our clients to focus on solutions to complex problems.  Click here to read more

Air Quality and Climate Change Consulting

Air quality management in the 21st century is changing. The previous focus on localized air pollution problems, such as ozone nonattainment, is evolving into a much broader and integrated treatment of issues ranging from local “hot spot” analysis of toxic air pollutants, to attainment of air quality standards at a regional level Click here to read more
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