Vilano High Level Intracoastal Bridge

Florida DOT - District 2

Project Summary

Spanning the intercoastal waterway, the Vilano Bridge is the only direct connection between the nation's oldest city and east beaches of north Florida. Located in the busy, historical, and recreational area of St. Augustine, Florida, the $16 million high-level concrete bridge replaced the deteriorating 1926 vertical lift steel structure. Built using a combination of precast and prestressed concrete and cast-in-place methods, the bridge design reflects the early aesthetic expression of the Spanish architecture in and around St. Augustine. Graceful and functional, with soaring cathedral arched piers, the Vilano Bridge serves both maritime and automobile traffic and keeps area residents, tourists, and recreational and commercial vessels moving without delays.

Project Highlights

  • Unusual tide direction challenges were addressed using prestressed and precast concrete
  • Pier foundations were tied together to minimize the detrimental effects of any differential settlement
  • Design incorporates waterborne piers capable of withstanding 1,800 kip lateral ship impact loads

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