Strawberry Mansion Bridge Restoration

City of Philadelphia

Project Summary

Built in 1897, the 1,250 ft-long Strawberry Mansion Bridge over the Schuylkill River consists of four river spans and three approach spans at each end. The 200 ft-long main spans are triple, three hinged, spandrel braced steel arches, and the approach spans are 75-ft, triple-deck Warren truss spans. TranSystems conducted an in-depth inspection, including subaqueous and performed an analysis of the existing bridge. Based on the inspection and engineering studies, TranSystems prepared construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for rehabilitation of the bridge. When the bridge was closed to traffic, our two-phase design effort first focused on the deck, floorboards and stringers, along with construction of a promenade and ornamental lighting.

Project Highlights

  • Pennsylvania Partnership for Highway Quality, Structural Award, 150 Feet or Greater
  • FHWAs Excellence in Highway Design Merit Award-Historic Preservation

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